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Advertising Plans

The newsletter goes out every Thursday morning (EST).
Here are some general stats, averages are from 2023, Q2:

  • Subscribers: 12,875
  • Average open rate: 38.0%
  • Average click rate: 6.3%

Below are the ad options. Feel free to contact me for details on previous campaigns that have run in the newsletter.

Top Ad Combo is available Nov. 9 or any Thursday starting Nov. 23.
Text Link Combo is available most Thursdays.
Paid Review is available in October or later.
Classified Listing is available most Thursdays.

Top Ad Combo


What you get:

  • Image + description ad at the top
  • Top text link below the introduction
  • Permanent ad in the archive

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Average Unique clicks: 105
Unique Ad CTR: 2.2%

First time ads: ~120 unique clicks

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Text Link Combo


What you get:

  • One text link in category 2
  • One text link in category 3
  • Permanent ads in the archive

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Average clicks per issue: 58
Unique clicks per issue: 48
Unique Ad CTR: 1.13%

First-time ads: ~58 unique clicks

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Paid Product Review


What you get:

  • 700–1000 word intro review
  • Screenshots, captions, deep links
  • Permanent review in the archive

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Average clicks per issue: 235
Unique clicks per issue: 188
Unique CTR: 4.6%

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Classified Listing


What you get:

  • A single link and brief description in one issue
  • Part of a "Commercial Apps & Classifieds" Section
  • Permanent link in the archive

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Expected unique clicks: 15-25

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Ad Swap


What you get:

  • A single ad spot in the newsletter
  • Equal in value to yours

This offer is for newsletters. If you have a small newsletter, we can make a deal where my link runs multiple times compared to a single run for yours. It also depends on the location of the ad. Reach out if you're interested.

Let's Swap

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above plans or pricing, please feel free to use the contact form to get in touch.

Note that click data is compiled from different sources including the various ad networks I use as well as MailChimp's data on unique clicks and total clicks. Some ad networks don't track unique clicks, only total clicks, so the unique clicks are often significantly lower than the total clicks.