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What Readers Say About Us...

Over the years I've received a number of unsolicited messages via email and social media from people expressing their appreciation for the newsletter. Below is a sample of those.

I give email newsletters a few weeks before recommending them. Web Tools Weekly passed the awesome test.

- Dan D.

Web Tools Weekly is a great resource. You should subscribe.

- Rob L.

I adore the JS tips that come with every issue of Web Tools Weekly. Things I wouldn't have thought of on my own!

- Rachel N.

I may have said this before but Web Tools Weekly is a brilliant webdev newsletter.

- Zander M.

Great resource to stay up to date about new web tools and libraries – Web Tools Weekly, a weekly newsletter for front-end devs.

- Roderik V.

I really enjoy your newsletter! I always find some cool new tools that I am able to use regularly. Thanks for the great work!

- Arnelle B.

Thank you – honestly – for putting together one of the best tech newsletters out there.

- David M.

I've been receiving your email for years and it's seriously one of most useful roundups I read each week.

- Graham S.

Thanks for one of the best newsletters out there! I look forward to every issue.

- Daniel L.

Just wanted you to know that I love your newsletter, subscribed for a long time.

- John S.

I'm subscribed to Web Tools Weekly for more than a year now and get a lot of value from it!

- Lev G.

Thanks for curating such a killer newsletter.

- Ben B.

Hi, I am a fan of your newsletter and have come across a lot of amazing tools because of it, so thank you for your work.

- Nderim T.

As an avid reader of Web Tools Weekly, I must express my heartfelt appreciation for the incredible value it brings to my work.

- Arif U.

I am a big fan of your newsletter. I look forward to it every week and did not miss even one.

- Timur C.