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Terms and Privacy Policy

This is the terms of use and privacy policy for Web Tools Weekly. This document was last updated on December 20, 2022.

Web Tools Weekly is a weekly newsletter for web developers and designers run by me, Louis Lazaris. I take seriously your right to privacy and I will not use your personal information in a way that you did not intend when signing up for this newsletter.

By subscribing to Web Tools Weekly, you agree to receive one email every week consisting of news, tips, and tools for web developers, designers, and others in the tech field.

Your email address will be used to send weekly emails and will not be shared with any third party or advertiser not mentioned in this policy document. You will not receive promotional emails outside of the single email each week from me or anyone else as a result of signing up for this list.

When you sign up to receive emails from Web Tools Weekly, your email address will be associated with specific personal, identifiable information about you. This is normal for an email list like this. I use a service called MailChimp (run by a company called Intuit) to collect email addresses and other data. MailChimp has features that allow me to associate your email address with a name, geographic location, type of device you use to view the emails, and other technological information related to your habits when reading Web Tools Weekly. MailChimp also allows tracking via Facebook ads and Google Analytics.

When you sign up to receive emails from me, your data is stored using the MailChimp service. By signing up, you agree to have your information transferred to MailChimp in accordance with Intuit's Privacy Policy and MailChimp's Terms of Use.

I will not share any of your personal data with any other third party or advertiser. Your information will be used solely for the purpose of improving Web Tools Weekly.

The personal data that I collect for each subscriber via MailChimp is as follows:

  • Email address
  • Language
  • Location (including country and latitude/longitude)
  • Timezone
  • Email client
  • Preferred email format
  • Date and time opt-in (i.e. subscribed)
  • Opt-in IP address
  • Date and time confirmed subscription
  • Opt-in confirmation IP address
  • Referral URL for sign-ups

In some cases, sign-up forms or analytics scripts on this website may use cookies or tracking pixels to collect data. Again, this is normal and this data will not be used for any purpose other than to enhance your use of this website and the Web Tools Weekly newsletter. I will not share data collected about you with any third party other than those mentioned in this policy.

As mentioned, Web Tools Weekly is a weekly newsletter, so you will only receive one email every week. However, there may be cases where I need to contact members of the list to inform them of an error, update some information shared in the newsletter, or similar. In these extremely rare cases, you may receive more than one email in a particular week.

By signing up to become a Web Tools Weekly subscriber, you agree to all the terms and policies described in this document and you consent to your data being used in the ways described herein.

If you have any questions about the information in this policy, if you would like your personal data deleted, or if you would like a copy of your personal data, please contact me using the form on this page, or by emailing me at this address, or via physical mail at the following address:

5576 Yonge Street
PO Box 10044
North York ON M2N5S0