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No tutorial this week but since this is a special "Learning Tools" issue, which I do once in a while, I thought I'd let everyone know that the 2nd edition of HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World is now available. It's co-written by myself along with Estelle Weyl and Alexis Goldstein.

The book has been updated with the latest updates in HTML semantics, CSS3 effects, and some of the HTML5 APIs. Throughout the book we walk you through setting up a sample project that uses many of the technologies discussed.

Here are the options for purchasing/reading: This newsletter is going out on Friday morning, EST, so I know some of you who are in a different time zone are going to hate me for this but... I've got 3 book vouchers to give away that allow for one download of the book via Learnable. To claim a voucher, just respond to this email and say something like "Give me the voucher, please!" and I'll give it to the first 3 people who respond. I'll decide who's first based on the time that I receive the emails, so I can't control any lagging issues or other factors.

If you get this email while you're sleeping, then I'm sorry, it will probably be too late! In the future, I'll try to do another similar giveaway with an advantage to the rest who might not get this during waking hours in their time zone.
Now on to this week's learning tools!

Interactive Learning Tools

"Learn regular expressions with simple, interactive examples."

A mission/challenge completion game played with peers, for Python coders

Exercises consisting of a test suite and a README are available in numerous languages including JavaScript, PHP, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Java, and more.

"A terminal game designed to test your knowledge of git commands. Each level in the game is a task to perform on this repo."

Angular Basics
"A free interactive book, covering directives, modules, services, controllers, routing, and more."

Hex Invaders
"The world needs your typically useless skill of hex code knowledge to prevent the invasion."

Nathan's JS Lessons
A set of JavaScript tutorials that include the ability to test what you've learned using an on-page live example.

JavaScript Scope Quiz
A set of short lessons with multiple choice questions focused on understanding scope in JavaScript.

Interactive Guide to Blog Typography
This one went a bit viral a while back. Really nicely done interactive tutorial on improving typography on web pages.

Practice shortcuts in various tools including text editors, Excel, Photoshop, CLI, Git, and more.


Courses and Screencast Series

CSS Animation 101
"Become a CSS animation expert with an email and a few minutes each day."

Learn HTML5 from W3C
From edX. "Learn HTML5 and core Web technologies directly from the organization creating them! Learn to code Web pages and Web sites the right way."

Learn Responsive Images
A free 12-hour video and exercise course from Udacity and Google on responsive images.

Learn AngularJS
"Learn to build web apps using AngularJS 1.x. By the end of the course, you'll be able to use AngularJS to create your own apps."

Command Line Power User
"A video series for web developers on learning a modern command line workflow with ZSH, Z and related tools."

Functional Programming in JavaScript
From Tuts+, a 15-lesson video course that walks you through refactoring an existing code base using functional concepts.

Learn JavaScript with Eric Elliott
A lifetime-access course bundle that includes Eric's book, video + interactive exercises, live future webcasts, and lots more.

70 JavaScript and DOM Tips for $5 (EPUB, MOBI, PDF)

Podcasts and Newsletters

TTL Podcast
A developer podcast produced and hosted by Rebecca Murphey

Web Operations Weekly
"A weekly newsletter on Web operations, infrastructure, performance, and tooling, from the browser down to the metal."

SVG Weekly
"A weekly email focused on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), sharing articles, tutorials, tools and demos curated by @strangepants."

SVG News
An SVG news website and weekly newsletter curated by Sara Soueidan, Robin Berjon, Sacha S., Thibaud Elziere.

The Path to Performance
"A podcast for everyone dedicated to making websites faster."



By Mike Chau. A free primer that covers building single-page applications with React.

Adaptive Web Design
The 1st edition of Aaron Gustafson's book now available for free.

The offline cookbook
A free one-page guide by Jake Archibald covering AppCache and related offline concepts.

The UX Reader
The popular UX book now available for free in e-formats.

JavaScript for Kids
By Nick Morgan. For ages 10+, it's "a lighthearted introduction that teaches programming essentials through patient, step-by-step examples paired with funny illustrations."

Accessibility Handbook
By Katie Cunningham. "Get practical guidelines for making your website accessible to people with disabilities."

Apps For All: Coding Accessible Web Applications
By Heydon Pickering. "Accessibility is not just about addressing specific disabilities, but making sure as many people as possible have access to the same information."


A Tweet for Thought

Wait... crowd-sourced throat care? Gotta love this industry! :)


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Before I Go...

Many of you have probably seen this but this has to be the greatest answer in the history of StackOverflow.

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