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As many of you know, just about every week in this newsletter, in addition to the weekly list of categorized tools, I start with a brief tutorial or tip, usually something focused on JavaScript and the DOM.

After 80+ issues of Web Tools Weekly, I've amassed quite a bit of JavaScript- and DOM-focused content. All of that content is available for free in the Web Tools Weekly archives. However, for those who would like to read the info on a tablet or mobile device, I thought it would be useful to put it together in book form in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats. The tips in this book appear in the same order as they've appeared chronologically in the newsletter each week.

The book is produced through Leanpub, but I'm not promoting it for sale via that channel, but since Leanpub is pretty flexible, I'm selling it via Pulley, which is a super-simple and easy to use service for selling digital goods. The book is priced at $5. You can purchase it through Leanpub if you want, but that's not my preferred channel.

The book uses Leanpub's default settings for technical material, so it's very reader-friendly and the code highlighting is really nice.

Here are the links for the full description of the content and the direct purchase: I'll continue to publish similar tips in the newsletter in the weeks ahead and in the future I hope to release more e-books based on the content of the newsletter.

Now on to this week's tools!

JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

"A fun and friendly Open Source HTML5 Game Engine. Some people call it the WordPress of HTML5 game engines."

"2D html5 canvas framework for desktop and mobile applications."

"A simple library for creating UI components using virtual DOM."

"Brings custom tags to all browsers, including IE8. Think React + Polymer but with enjoyable syntax and a small learning curve."

A complex library for creating HTML5 animations with the canvas element.

"A JavaScript 2D rigid body physics engine for the web."

"Universal dynamic module loader - loads ES6 modules, AMD, CommonJS and global scripts in the browser and NodeJS."

A general-purpose check library. Check types, regexps, presence, time, and more.

A library to add customizable tag-input functionality to elements.

"Provides straight-forward, powerful functions for working with asynchronous JavaScript."

React Templates
"Lightweight templates for React."

E-Book Package: 70 JavaScript and DOM Tips for $5 (EPUB, MOBI, PDF)

SVG Tools

SVG Icons
"Ready to use SVG icons for the web. All icon sets are from free Dribbble shots with the original link so you could download them."

"Allows you to progressively reveal (or hide) the stroke of an SVG path, line, polyline, polygon, rect, or ellipse and you can even animate outward from the center of the stroke (or any position/segment)."

"SVGO's Missing GUI, aiming to expose the majority, if not all the configuration options of SVGO."

Online tool to convert a picture to SVG.

The SVG circular menu generator.

SVG Circus
"Enables you to create cool animated SVG spinners, loaders and other looped animations in seconds."


The Uncategorizables

"Fast and small web application created to allow conferences attendees to easily navigate through the conference information and mark the talks of interest to create their own, personalized track."

Sane Stack
"A JavaScript fullstack and CLI that lets you rapidly create production-ready web apps using Sails and Ember."

"Revenue tracking by traffic source."

"Create beautiful, unique, customizable PHP websites with our ever-expanding library of ready-made blocks. Blocks are easily re-usable website components."

Business Name App
Generate business name ideas based on the themes or categories associated with your business.

A boilerplate for creating WordPress themes.

"Makes it easy to create WebSocket, HTTP streaming, and HTTP long-polling services using any web stack as the backend."

A new web browser from the developers at Opera.
"Define sets of rules and use them to redirect people or show them individual ads."

E-Book Package: 70 JavaScript and DOM Tips for $5 (EPUB, MOBI, PDF)

A Tweet for Thought

Sindre Sorhus offers a solution for better code.


Suggestions / Corrections

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Before I Go...

If you haven't seen Pointer Pointer, then you're really missing out. As silly as it is, I'd love to read a post on how it was built, if such a post exists.

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