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Issue #544  (The Top Tools of 2023 (Part 1))12/21/23


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This is the next-to-last issue of 2023 so, as is customary each year in this newsletter, I've put together the Top 60 Tools of the Year, based on click-through rates and open rates for issues sent over the past 12 months.

As always, the list includes a wide variety of tools in different categories including some that are just plain unique but not necessarily the most practical.

This week's issue has tools #60 through #31 in the countdown and next week will cover #30 down to the #1 tool of the year.

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Now on to part 1 of the Top 60 Tools of 2023!

Top Tools of 2023 (#60 – #51)

Kuma UI
Described as "the future of CSS-in-JS", this is a headless, utility-first, and zero-runtime UI component library and toolkit.

A small library with zero dependencies that provides a light-weight, responsive content slider with various slide transition effects for modern browsers.

A powerful TypeScript library designed to help developers easily create complex, synchronous, and asynchronous programs.

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Instead of writing server code that only works with Express.js, write server code that can be deployed anywhere: AWS, Cloudflare Workers, Vercel, VPS, etc.

A simple yet powerful framework for LiveViews in Node.js and Deno that allows you to build single-page app experiences with real-time and multi-player functionality.

A unique CSS generator for producing the code needed for all the parts of a custom scrollbar solution with CSS. The page itself is a live interactive demo that changes the scrollbar values on the fly.


An open-source AI platform that allows all users to use and create ChatGPT applications in seconds.

Free Icons
A collection of over 22,000 freely available icons in SVG format, and searchable by keyword.

A responsive front-end component library, based on Google's Material Design, that's a fork of a similar project that's no longer maintained.

A dependency-free, SVG-based web component that generates an animatable and customizable QR code.

Top Tools of 2023 (#50 – #41)

An interactive gradient builder that allows you to build advanced layered gradients, with the option to save gradients to your library or import community-built gradients.

A simple Canvas-based JavaScript framework for creating apps that allow drawing on web pages. Includes a live playground to try it out.

An ultra-lightweight, zero-dependency, and unopinionated reactive UI framework based on pure vanilla JavaScript and DOM, similar to React but without JSX.

ServerAvatar – A Smart Cloud Hosting Solution
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Mamba UI
A free, open-source collection of 100+ UI components and templates based on Tailwind CSS, with code examples for HTML, Vue, and JSX-based apps.

A dependency-free JavaScript component that lets you add embedded terminal animations, games, and apps to web pages.

SVG Chart Generator
A nicely designed and easy-to-use online tool to generate customized SVG-based charts and graphs.


An interactive tool to create your own "peep" (i.e. profile avatar). You can generate a random avatar or randomize the different parts of the "peep" (hair, face, body, etc).

Ribbon Shapes
A gallery of 100+ copy-pasteable pure CSS ribbons, with just about any ribbon style you can imagine included here.

A responsive personal AI application powered by GPT-4 and beyond, with AI personas, AGI functions, text-to-image, voice, response streaming, code highlighting and execution, PDF import, and more.

Easy Email
A React.js drag-and-drop email editor based on MJML, the popular HTML email framework, that lets you transform structured JSON data into HTML compatible with major email clients.

Top Tools of 2023 (#40 – #31)

CSS Components
Billed as "not another styling system", but rather a lightweight utility to compose CSS styles into standard React components.

An impressive pure CSS 3D editor that looks like Canvas or WebGL where the elements are built with nothing but HTML and 3D transforms.

A one-stop resource for finding fonts that match well together for use as headings and accompanying body text.


A modern full-stack Reddit clone built with the Next.js app router, TypeScript, and Tailwind.

An older project that apparently is getting updated soon, it's a CSS animation library with lots of unique and interesting animations you can add via class names in HTML.

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TW Elements
A set of 500+ Bootstrap components recreated with Tailwind CSS, but with better design and more functionality.

An open-source, production-ready JavaScript library for building customizable autocomplete experiences for form inputs and search fields.

CSS Loaders
A huge collection of 500+ unique, colorful, and interesting pure CSS loading animations, divided into 25+ categories.

An interactive tool to create a very specific kind of custom blob shape using rounded squares and rectangles, which you can download as PNG or SVG.

An online tool to generate attractive backgrounds for screenshots, code snippets, device mockups, social media posts, and more.

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