Issue #46  (arguments, jQuery, Documents, Jamstack)06/05/14

If you write JavaScript functions, then you know that you can pass arguments to them, and the values of the arguments will get used inside the function in some way.

While it's common to refer to the values by their variable names, you also have the option to access the arguments using the arguments parameter. Here's a really silly and contrived example:
function doSomething(zero, one, two) {
  console.log(arguments[1]); // "one"

doSomething("zero", "one", "two");

(JS Bin example) As you can see, in this case it would be perfectly fine to just use the parameter name itself (one). But you can probably see how the alternative (i.e. using the arguments object) might be useful.

JavaScript doesn't throw an error when a function is called with too many arguments, so you might work around this by looping through the arguments, or even slicing up the arguments object, rather than dealing with the actual parameters themselves.

And although the arguments object looks and acts like an array, it's not an array. So it doesn't have any array properties or methods (push(), pop(), slice(), etc.) other than length.

And, of course, you can only reference the arguments object inside of a function body, otherwise you'll get an error.

More info on the arguments object on MDN.

Now on to this week's tools!

jQuery Plugins

Keyboard Shortcuts for Pagination
Exactly what it says, adds keyboard functionality to help the user navigate through pagination on blogs.

"Re-implements $.animate() to produce significantly greater performance (making Velocity also faster than CSS animation libraries) while including new features to improve animation workflow."

Fancy Input
"Makes typing & deleting in input/Textarea fields exciting & fun with CSS3 effects." The demo is really cool.

A more robust equal heights plugin for jQuery, makes the height of all selected elements exactly equal.

"Automatically detects the footnote link and content, turns the link into an easy-to-click button, and puts up a popover when the reader clicks on the footnote button."

"JavaScript notifications for Bootstrap, jQuery UI, and the Web Notifications Draft."

Responsive lightbox gallery with captions and keyboard navigation support.

jQuery fontIconPicker
"Allows you to include a simple icon picker with search and pagination inside your administration forms."


Documents, File Management, etc.

"Lets you connect your Dropbox to YouTube or any FTP Server worldwide in a simple way."

"Create a permanent URL to show and share any PDF doc in HTML."

Create a web page with an email. No registration.

By Zurb, "Paste code snippets, add notes. Send to nerds."

Creating ebooks
"A step-by-step guide to creating an ebook in ePub and mobi formats, complete with ebook template, and a useful style guide for authors."

"The missing link between spreadsheets and vector graphics."

"A minimalist writing zone, where you can block out all distractions and get to what's important. The writing!"


Website Management, Static Hosting, etc.

A simple service to put up a static site via Dropbox.

"The fastest, simplest and most affordable way to host your sites."
"Quick, do-it-yourself websites." Allows you to edit via Dropbox and host on Amazon cloud.

"A free and open content distribution network based around peer-to-peer technologies, comprised of a world-wide network of web proxies and nameservers."


A Tweet for Thought

Nicole Sullivan shares a nice little performance tidbit from Paul Irish's talk at the recent CSSConf.


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Before I Go...

Check out code:deck. It's an actual set of playing cards that displays code snippets representing something about the card, on each card. Looks like a nerd and card player's dream.

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