Issue #23  (Poll, Sass, Productivity, jQuery)12/26/13

This week and next week there will be no quick tip/tutorial, but instead I'm going to ask readers to take part in a one-question poll to help me assess the future of Web Tools Weekly.

The poll question is:

Would you pay a fee to subscribe to Web Tools Weekly?

There are six possible answers, and I'd love it if most of the 5,000+ subscribers would cast their vote.

Naturally, everyone would like to see the newsletter remain free. And it wouldn't be easy to set up a pay model that encourages subscriptions (e.g. the archive is public, what happens to that?) And don't worry -- regardless of how you answer, I will not be implementing a pay system any time soon (if ever).

But I would like to know what value the newsletter has to you. And really, for the number of hours I put in to compiling this information, I don't think a few dollars per year is too much to ask -- especially if this means keeping the newsletter ad free.

So please answer the one-question poll so I can assess how Web Tools Weekly will move forward in the next 6 months. And if you have any suggestions or concerns, feel free to respond directly to this email.

Now on to this week's tools!

Preprocessor Tools

A responsive, Sass UI Framework. "Suzi is the starting point for all of our web projects and a culmination of 6+ years' experience in maintaining a front-end framework."

"If you love Ruby on Rails, batman.js is the best, most familiar way to build rich web apps in CoffeeScript."

"A simple CSS tooltip made with Sass." Has options for position, color, animation, fade, and more.

A LESS CSS mixin library.

Sass mixin and functions library

"The static web server with built-in preprocessing. Harp serves Jade, Markdown, EJS, CoffeeScript, LESS and Stylus as HTML, CSS & JavaScript—no configuration necessary."

"A powerfully light, responsive, and lean frontend UI framework. Built with LESS."


Productivity Tools

"Your life's personal dashboard." Open source project to track everything that happens in your life, online or offline, with data visualizations and a simple API.

"Your beautifully graphical browsing companion. Take it with you wherever you go on the web. Collect and organize your favorite pages. Leaf through your collections. All with a single click."

"A new type of video chat based on WebRTC." Free, one-click setup, offers multi-party chats, and more features.

HTML5 Time Tracker
A very simple app to track time spent on tasks. Just start the timer, end it when your task is done, and name your task.

"Combine internet connections, increase your download speed."

A browser extension available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera that proposes a cleaner and smarter Gmail inbox.

I think I need this. Allows you to add a blog post or article to be re-read at a later date. It will email you a notification at the specified time to remind you to read the article.


jQuery Plugins

"Load images beautifully on your website. Each image waits until it has downloaded before fading in smoothly."

A number spinner with keyboard options.

"I needed simple and fast slider with fully customizable OOCSS markup ... It’s designed to slide. No less, no more."

"A tiny (2.7kb) jQuery plugin that lets you set type on a circle."

"A simple plugin that 'sticks' an element to the top of the browser window while scrolling past it, always keeping it in view."

One Page Scroll
Create a one-page scroller website, like the new iPhone 5S section on

jQuery Popdown Plugin
"A simple dialog that pops down from the top of your browser window once it's loaded HTML in the background. A simple way to load web forms, content, user feedback messages, media and any other in place style content."

Magic Move
Inspired by Keynote's Magic Move effect, this is a little jQuery library to do transitions between DOM states.

Covering Bad
A simple jQuery Plugin to cover an item using another item with dragging ability. Check out the demo page.

"The ultimate framework for building and validating responsive HTML5 forms."

"Make sentences and snippets easily tweetable for your users."

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Nothing special to finish up this week's issue, just a reminder once again to fill out the one-question poll.

Thanks to all for subscribing and reading!

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