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I'm sure many of you have seen the Math.abs() method, which is one of the many properties and methods available on JavaScript's built-in Math object. Math.abs() returns the absolute value of a number (hence, "abs"). So you pass in something and it will either give you zero, NaN, or the absolute number of what's passed in.

Unlike other methods, this is not a constructor. So you can't call abs() on an object you've created. In the code example below, you'll see the results you get when you try passing in different things:
Math.abs(.57);       // 0.57
Math.abs(4.65);      // 4.65
Math.abs('-1');      // 1
Math.abs(-2);        // 2
Math.abs(null);      // 0
Math.abs('');        // 0
Math.abs([]);        // 0
Math.abs([2]);       // 2
Math.abs(Infinity);  // Infinity
Math.abs(-Infinity); // Infinity
Math.abs(3,000);     // 3
Math.abs(3, 'd');    // 3
Math.abs([1,2]);     // NaN
Math.abs({});        // NaN
Math.abs('5abc');    // NaN
Math.abs();          // NaN

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You'll notice that fractions using decimals are returned intact, while strings that are numbers will return the number correctly. Meanwhile non-number strings and objects return NaN. Also notice that multi-item arrays with all numbers will return Nan, while a single item array will return the number. A somewhat strange behavior is the fact that empty strings or empty arrays will return zero.

Also notice that when I tried to enter a number with a comma (which I doubt would ever happen), the digits after the comma are treated as a second argument, which is ignored, returning the absolute value of the first argument. And the same happens with a string as the second argument.

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Front-end Frameworks

Now at version 3.x. "Simple and elegant component-based UI library. Custom tags, enjoyable syntax, elegant API, tiny size."

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"A set of UI interactions, effects and utilities components library."

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Material Design for Bootstrap
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Productivity Tools

Firefox Focus
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JavaScript Utilities and Modules

"The preëminent JavaScript library for diacritical correctness."

Simple, lightweight model-based form validation library for Vue.js 2.0.

Float a number of things up on a page (hearts, flowers, emojis, words...) Use with caution! :)

Angular 2 Idle Preload
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Amazon Autocomplete
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"Immutable persistent data collections for JavaScript which increase efficiency and simplicity."

"A REST API provider for Angular 2."

"A medium-like rich text editor built upon draft-js with an emphasis on eliminating mouse usage by adding relevant keyboard shortcuts."
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