Issue #173  (Array.slice, CSS/HTML, Testing, Uncats)11/10/16

Here's something I just learned (or maybe I just forgot about it) regarding JavaScript's Array.slice() method. Array.slice() is a well-known feature that goes back to ES3 that allows you to "slice" a portion of an array using either one or two arguments.

The first argument represents where to begin slicing in the array and, somewhat confusingly, the second argument represents the slot after the slice's ending position. Some simple examples:
var array = ['one', 'two', 'three', 'four', 'five'];

console.log(array.slice(2)); // ["three", "four", "five"]
console.log(array.slice(2, 4)); // ["three", "four"]
console.log(array.slice(1, 3)); // ["two", "three"]

As you can see, if you include only one argument, the second argument is assumed to be the length of the array, so it will grab everything from the start point on.

But interestingly, you can also use negative numbers for either of the arguments. So the following does a bit of a bizarre extraction:
console.log(array.slice(-4, -1)); // ["two", "three", "four"]

In that case I'm extracting the middle three elements in the array using negative values for start/end. But the most useful technique using negative values is when you use a single argument. This allows you to extract the specified number of elements from the back of the array, but still in the order they appear inside the array:
console.log(array.slice(-4)); // ["two", "three", "four", "five"]
console.log(array.slice(-2)); // ["four", "five"]

Demo with all examples

More info on Array.slice on MDN and, as mentioned, this is safe to use in all browsers.

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CSS and HTML Tools

A pure CSS icon set with one-click options to view on CodePen and the ability to create a CodePen example animating one icon into another.

Critical Style Snapshot
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"Pure text, CSS only, font independent, inline loading indicators."

"A collection of animations that can be used with any inline style library that supports using objects to define keyframe animations, such as Radium or Aphrodite."

Based on Foundation for Emails, this uses a CodePen and Zurb's Inky Templating language to help you build HTML email with little hassle.

Open Color
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"Free responsive mobile website templates."
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Testing and Debugging Tools

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Dev Helper
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Website Grader
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Web Bloat Score Calculator
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"This is an extension to an old version of chrome + a custom istanbul reporter. This combo gives you the power to view what JS gets evaluated on any website."

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The Uncategorizables

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A Tweet for Thought

Dan Abramov discusses some myths and misunderstandings of DRY code.

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