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The other day I looked for the quickest and most efficient way to remove all empty items from an array. Doing a quick search, as usual, brings up a few Stack Overflow threads with multiple solutions. One that I liked uses the Array.prototype.filter() method, introduced in ES5 and supported by all browsers including IE9+.

The Array.filter() method, according to MDN, takes a callback function as its one mandatory argument, and "creates a new array with all elements that pass the test implemented by the provided function." In other words, it filters out the stuff you don't want. Here's an example:
let myArray = [47, 534, 8, 389, 144, 99],

function getLargeNumbers (a) {
  return a >= 100;

myNewArray = myArray.filter(getLargeNumbers);

console.log(myNewArray); // => [534, 389, 144]

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As you can see, the function simply returns the values in the array that are larger than 100. But what about my original problem where I wanted to remove empty items?

Well, this works like a charm:
let myArray = ['apple', 'orange', '', 'kiwi', 'pumpkin', 'grape', ''],

myNewArray = myArray.filter(Boolean);

// => ["apple", "orange", "kiwi", "pumpkin", "grape"]

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Notice that the two empty items are now removed. In this instance, I'm using Boolean as the callback function. MDN explains that the Boolean object is "an object wrapper for a boolean value." So in a nutshell it will automatically filter out falsy values when used in this way. But beware of this, because it will filter out zero values, false, null, and undefined, in addition to empty slots. If for some reason you want any of those to remain in the array, then you'll have to use a different callback function.

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Scott Jehl with a few thoughts on Progressive Enhancement, which seems to be the topic du jour.

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