Issue #152  (Node.isSameNode(), JS Utils, JS Libs, Uncats)06/16/16

Here's yet another little-known DOM method that I just stumbled across: The Node.isSameNode() method. You might recall way back in Issue #64 I discussed a similar method: Node.isEqualNode(). This one is very similar except it will only check to see if two references point to the exact same node, rather than checking general equality.

Let's assume our HTML looks like this:
<body id="myBody">
  <div class="module"></div>
  <div class="module"></div>

All we have here is a body element along with two identical .module elements, though they are different elements. Let's do some checks with isSameNode() and isEqualNode():
let myBody = document.getElementById('myBody'),
    otherBody = document.body,
    moduleOne = document.querySelectorAll('.module')[0],
    moduleTwo = document.querySelectorAll('.module')[1];

// using isSameNode
console.log(myBody.isSameNode(otherBody)); // true
console.log(moduleOne.isSameNode(moduleTwo)); // false

// using isEqualNode
console.log(myBody.isEqualNode(otherBody)); // true
console.log(moduleOne.isEqualNode(moduleTwo)); // true

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As you can see, I've grabbed the body element two different ways, so I have two references to it. That's the first comparison, which logs true using isSameNode(). But when I compare the two div modules, I get false, because they're not the same node.

On the other hand, when using isEqualNode(), both comparisons log true, because they're equal (i.e. same attributes and same content, which is no content), even though they're not the same node.

It turns out, all major desktop browsers support this but Firefox removed support for it about 5 years ago and they've maintained that status, even though it is part of the DOM spec. Their reasoning for removal seems pretty sound though; it's basically the same as doing a == check. So while this might be a nice-to-know sort of feature, you'd probably just be better off doing a simple == comparison instead, especially in light of lack of Firefox support.

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384 Pages of CSS for $7 (PDF E-Book)

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Here's a throwback from Anil Dash: A floppy disk he got that contained a font for Prince's symbol-name thing.

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