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Ever heard of an "expando" property? Many of you probably have. I just came across the term while reading Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, which has a 2nd edition coming soon. MDN explains:

"Expando properties are properties added to DOM nodes with JavaScript but not part of the object's DOM specification." (source)

So basically the term can serve to differentiate between properties that are supposed to be on a DOM element and properties that you've added yourself, as is possible with any JavaScript object.

What's interesting is that Internet Explorer before IE9 had a sort of universal expando property that allowed you to define whether or not you can define "expandos" on elements in the document (e.g. document.expando = true). And using element.expando you could also test to see if a given property is an expando property.

Again, that's for oldIE, so it's a fairly trivial legacy point at this stage. But keep in mind that IE's expando properties are not the same thing as the general term, which, as explained above, is just a generic term for custom properties on objects. More info in the links below:
Now on to this week's tools!
70 JavaScript and DOM Tips for $5 (EPUB, MOBI, PDF)

Frontend Frameworks

"The need for a simple, unopinionated CSS framework, ready for the future. Pavilion is built for front-end web developers who tend to never use the hundreds of pre-made UI components some frameworks ship with."

Happy Cog starter files
A repo containing frontend starter files from the team at Happy Cog, the award-winning digital studio.

Simple Static React-Aframe
Minimal boilerplate and configuration for the development of static Virtual Reality sites using A-Frame, React & ES6.

React Server
"React framework with server render for blazing fast page load and seamless transitions between pages in the browser."

Ember FastBoot
"Progressive enhancement for ambitious web apps. FastBoot works by running your Ember application in Node.js. When a user visits your site, the initial HTML is rendered and served to the user. The very first thing they see is your content."

Webpack Angular ES6
"A boilerplate for writing modular Angular 1.X in ES6 using Webpack."

"A lightweight, responsive and modern CSS framework for faster and extensible development."

"A fast and modular approach to building powerful web and mobile interfaces. You can extend MODULR.CSS by creating your own or using other modules created by community."

"The easiest way to build isomorphic JavaScript apps using React and Redux."
384 Pages of CSS for $7 (PDF E-Book)

Content, App Data, etc.

"A service that allows you to turn any site into a JSON accessible api using CSS selectors."

"Language for scripted server-side processing of existing endpoints and services."

A secure pastebin alternative.

Mark It Down
"Paste or drag and drop rich content from a webpage or a text editor in the first box (no HTML tags should be visible), then press "Convert" to convert to Markdown."

JavaScript Entity Graph
"In-memory graph database for JavaScript data."
"A simple and secure REST-enabled NoSQL database cloud service with a kickass web-based Data Manager."
"Self-destructing, human-readable file storage."

"Create simple read-only APIs from CSV files."

70 JavaScript and DOM Tips for $5 (EPUB, MOBI, PDF)

Multimedia Tools

"A JS library that makes it super easy to add fullscreen background videos."

Visual Center
"A tool that will find the visual center of your images."

"ImagePresso Analyzer is the first and unique solution for Automatic PNG optimization that replaces time consuming and tedious manual optimization by game graphic designers."

Now at v2.x. "Simple yet flexible JavaScript charting for designers & developers."

"A React.js wrapper component to animate the line stroke in SVGs."

"An open source JavaScript library that extends off of SnapSVG to help simplify the SVG animation process."

"Open source vector nesting."

"Easy to configure, lightweight, editable vector graphics in your react components."

384 Pages of CSS for $7 (PDF E-Book)

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