Issue #127  (CSS/HTML, jQuery Plugins, Uncats)12/24/15

It's a holiday, you're not working, you've just spend some time with the family and now you're itching for some awesome web tools. Well, I've got you covered. In addition to this list of some of my favorite finds in front-end tools in 2015, which I wrote for SitePoint, you'll find more new stuff below.

The tutorial will return in two weeks.

Now on to this week's tools!
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CSS and HTML Tools

Flat slider
"Style your jQuery UI slider."

Utility OpenType
"Simple, CSS utility classes for advanced typographic features. Falls back gracefully through feature queries. Less than 1.75KB gzipped."

"A jQuery plugin giving you the power to control CSS filters with HTML attributes."

CSS Diff
Chrome extension to "find all CSS properties that differ between two HTML elements."

PostCSS plugin. "Remove media queries from CSS while preserving rules that match a hard-coded viewport."

Base64 File Encoder
Instantly convert files to base64 format (often used in data URIs).

"A Mac OS X app that allows you to try fonts for free or rent them by the month for desktop use for just a fraction of the regular price."

Tiny Colorpicker
This is a really cool little color picker utility (available as vanilla JavaScript or jQuery). Try the examples to see how nice it looks and works.

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jQuery Plugins

"Makes images truly responsive, without sacrificing anyone's face."

jQuery DrawSVG
"Lightweight, simple to use jQuery plugin to animate SVG paths."

Converts an element's content into a simple SVG mini pie, donut, line, or bar chart, and is compatible with any browser that supports SVG.

A simple jQuery image viewing (zooming) plugin.

Let's you create device mockups with code.

jQuery RWD Image Maps
"Allows image maps to be used in a responsive design by recalculating the area coordinates to match the actual image size on load and window.resize."

A many-featured jQuery tool tip plugin with on-page demo to test out the options.

"Creates a stacking effect by sticking panels as they reach the top of the viewport."

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The Uncategorizables

"A ruler application for Mac, made with web-development in mind. It seats in your tray-bar and doesn't get in your way."

"Better Markdown parser in PHP."

A powerful visual analytics platform for websites, e-commerce, and publishers."

HTML To WordPress
"Simple HTML to WordPress conversion tool."

"The free, quick and simple way to create a professional online store and grow your eCommerce business."

"Easily manage URL redirects."

Let's Encrypt
"A free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit."

"A backend platform to build powerful real-time apps more efficiently."

"Make a beautiful embeddable booking widget in minutes."

384 Pages of CSS for $7 (PDF E-Book)

A Tweet for Thought

A classic tweet from Paul Ford, from 2012, that still kind of sums up the Web.

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Before I Go...

If you're into writing music, check out VexFlow, "an open-source online music notation rendering API."

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