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Interactive Charts for Your AngularJS App
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Although there are lots of tutorials and articles floating around that discuss JavaScript features introduced in ES6, it seems that it's safer for now to stick with ES5. Looking at Kangax's ES6 compatibility table, you'll notice there's still quite a bit of red on there. Whereas the ES5 table is almost all green.

But there are tools to help out if you want to start using ES6. For example, there's Babel, Traceur, and lots more. And if you just want to test out the syntax of the new features, you can try out the handy ES6 Fiddle or even try your hand at some ES6 Katas.

If you're going to start incorporating ES6 stuff with some of the polyfills and transpilers available, you'll have to ensure that it doesn't overcomplicate your workflow to the point that future maintenance is negatively impacted. In that case, build-time transpilers will be your best bet.

In future intros in this newsletter, I'll try to include tips that incorporate some of the stuff introduced in ES6. In the meantime, the above links should be enough for you to do some research on the complexities of starting to incorporate ES6 into your projects, to help you determine if it's worth it.

Now on to this week's tools!

JavaScript Utilities and Mini Libraries

"A simple keyframe-based animation framework for UIKit. Perfect for scrolling app intros."

A tiny (pure JavaScript) library to allow you to easily navigate, select, and highlight DOM elements.

Incremental DOM
"A library for building up DOM trees and updating them in-place when data changes. It differs from the established virtual DOM approach in that no intermediate tree is created."

"Medium-like app loading style."

"A base class for creating custom JavaScript error classes."

"A set of React components like Toggle, ComboBox, Rating, TextInput, Button, Card, Select and soon many more."

"A cross-browser solution for cross-document onLoad synchronization between multiple sites/iframes."

"Dynamically creates spinning activity indicators that can be used as resolution-independent replacement for AJAX loading GIFs."

70 JavaScript and DOM Tips for $5 (EPUB, MOBI, PDF)

Productivity Tools

Automatically annotate your screenshots on Max OS X.

"A JavaScript bookmarklet for repopulating forms."

Twitter Detector
"Simple Chrome extension to show a twitter icon in the address bar when it detects a Twitter link on the page."

Add to Trello
Chrome extension. "Add cards to your Trello boards from your browser."

Mac OS X tool "to get a list of all active short cuts of the current application."

"Automated invoices for freelancers." Early access invites.

Chrome extension. "Helps you record, remember and share everything you learn."

"Why waste time copying and pasting? Work simultaneously in your ScrapCode with your team, anywhere you are." Available for Chrome, Firefox, Sublime, and Atom.
70 JavaScript and DOM Tips for $5 (EPUB, MOBI, PDF)

The Uncategorizables

"A free, open source password manager and e-wallet. Zero-knowledge. Cloud-based. Private."

"A collection of powerful APIs designed to help your business grow."
"Real handwriting  without the pen –  no robots, all software."

O'Reilly's technical book publishing platform.

"Lets you update your website using your own social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter."

"Over 100 high-quality public APIs."

"Make your websites editable automatically. Design however you want, nothing new to learn — HTML5 is our API."

A Tweet for Thought

David Walsh's thoughts on what it's like to be a front-end developer.


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