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Issue #564  (JS Utils, React, Uncats)05/09/24


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Now on to this week's tools!

JavaScript Utilities

fetch — A fetch implementation with response abilities where the export is simply a proxy that forwards to the response any explicit intent.

VTable — A high-performance, multidimensional data analysis table component with supports for fast computation and rendering of millions of data points, with flexible and powerful graphic capabilities.

shiki-magic-move — A low-level library allowing you to create smoothly animated code blocks using Shiki, the popular code syntax highlighter.

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Pragmatic Drag & Drop — A fast drag-and-drop implementation for any experience on any tech stack that enables safe and successful usage of the browser's built in drag and drop functionality with compatibility with your favourite UI library (React, Vue, Svelte, etc).

JS-PyTorch — A deep learning JavaScript library built from scratch, to closely follow the syntax from PyTorch, the popular machine learning library for Python.

ONBOARDING_LIB — A tiny headless onboarding library with form validation, schema validation using Zod, and persistence using unstorage.

Cally — A set of small, framework-independent, feature-rich calendar components that's accessible, localizable, themeable, and has only a single dependency.


Peggy — A simple parser generator for JavaScript that produces fast parsers with excellent error reporting, to process complex data or computer languages and build transformers, interpreters, compilers, etc.

inclusive-dates — A human-friendly and fully accessible date picker with support for natural language input and available as a TypeScript-based Web Component.

React Tools

Stack — An open-source user authentication and user management solution for Next.js, with comprehensive customization options, that you can integrate in minutes.

Shadcn Table — A shadcn/ui-based data table component with server-side sorting, filtering, and pagination, powered by Next.js and Tanstack Table, and styled with Tailwind.

Shadcn Table

input-otp — A one-time passcode (OTP) input component for React that's accessible and unstyled.

Rehackt — A package for library developers that invisibly wraps `react` so you're able to use shared imports with `react` in server-side Next.js code without throwing an error to users.

Anytime Mailbox — Business starters, are you in need of a business address separate from your home? Anytime Mailbox provides a seamless solution, securing a private, professional address with added benefits like mail forwarding and scanning for ultimate convenience.     SPONSORED 

semantic-autocomplete — A React component that extends MUI v5's autocomplete and performs semantic similarity search using a small, quantized machine-learning model that runs on the client.

use-hot-module-reload — A React hook that triggers a callback after hot-module reloading has been performed, and works with modern versions of Webpack and Vite.

react-resize-aware — A simple React Hook that allows you to listen to the resize event of any target element when it changes size.

Onborda — An onboarding or guided product tour component for Next.js that's customizable and features Framer Motion animations.

react-barcode — A wrapper for an older library called JsBarcode that creates a customizable barcode component for React.

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The Uncateg­orizables

Scribbler — A simple interface that offers a playground for experimenting in JavaScript, with features for doing scientific computation, AI and ML engineering, and more.

Code Connect — A tool for connecting your design system components in code with your design system in Figma, to display true-to-production code snippets from your design system instead of auto-generated code examples

Anytime Mailbox — Business starters, are you in need of a business address separate from your home? Anytime Mailbox provides a seamless solution, securing a private, professional address with added benefits like mail forwarding and scanning for ultimate convenience.     SPONSORED 

once.tools — A searchable and categorized directory of tools, apps, and services that you only have to pay for once (as opposed to a subscription service).

Instant Domains — A fast and thorough way to search for domains that lets you instantly search all available domain names, domain extensions, and domains for sale.

SVR.JS — A web server running on Node.js that lets you host a web page, run server-side JavaScript, use mods to expand server functionality, or use it as a forward or reverse proxy.

Online Compiler — An online suite of code playgrounds to run C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, Bash and more online without downloading anything.

Online Compiler

WinterJS — A blazing-fast JavaScript server that runs Service Worker scripts according to the WinterCG specification.

DesignCode UI — An expansive design system of Figma UI components and templates, ready for Framer integration. The free version has 50 components, 200+ Figma variants, and 1,000 unique icons.

3D Viewer Max — A free online 3D viewer that lets you view and collaborate with any 3D file in the browser, with support for a dozen or more 3D file formats.

Commercial Apps & Classifieds

These are commercial apps, affiliate links, PPC ads, and paid classifieds. Buy a Classified here.
Poper – AI-driven pop-up builder to grow your email list, make announ­cements, promote offers, etc.
TLDR – A byte-sized version of Hacker News that takes just a few minutes to read.   AD 
webappboost – A minimalistic yet powerful Next.js template with all the latest tech preconfigured.
URL2Thumb – An API to capture customizable screenshots and PDFs of any website at scale.
Techpresso – Join 100,000+ free daily readers for the latest AI and tech news, tools, and insights.    AD 
PDF.co – A low code REST API for PDF conversion, editing, extraction, automation, and more.
Proxyman – A native macOS app to capture, decrypt, and mock your HTTP(s) requests and responses.

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