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Issue #456  (UltraEdit Review, JS Libs, Git/CLI, React)04/14/22

The following intro is a paid product review for UltraEdit, a popular text editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Most developers enjoy trying out new code editors and IDEs, even if they're pretty comfortable with their current option. If you're interested in considering a full-featured text editor that optionally comes with a bundle of complementary tools, UltraEdit is worth a look.


UltraEdit boasts over 4 million users worldwide and has been in the text editor market for 28 years. UltraEdit offers just about everything you'd ask for in a powerful text editor, including:

  • Custom themes and layouts that allow you to customize the appearance of the entire application, including dockable panes, toolbars, and menus
  • Powerful find/replace features for searching across files with support for regular expressions and search within columns and selected text
  • Built-in FTP client and SSH/telnet (i.e. no need for a separate client like PuTTY)
  • Great performance on file load and startup and it even boasts the ability to handle file sizes of 10 GB or more

That's just a small sampling of the features of this award-winning software that many developers have raved about, which you can read about in UltraEdit's 1000+ online reviews.

UltraEdit comes highly recommended by users around the world
UltraEdit comes highly recommended by users around the world

I downloaded and installed the software onto my Windows machine and the install was fast, flawless, and I was quickly able to choose a nice looking theme and preferred layout. The software isn't bloated and I was able to keep it running on my system while doing other things without any performance problems.

Like many text editors, UltraEdit lets you search for a command or feature by means of a handy command palette, accessible via a keyboard shortcut or via "Help" in the menu bar.

UltraEdit's useful Command Palette
UltraEdit's useful Command Palette

UltraEdit offers syntax highlighting support for just about any programming language you'll ever use. The UltraEdit team maintains a huge repository of user-submitted wordfiles to ensure all languages are covered—even obscure ones that you might not use often.

When you install the UltraEdit text editor, you're also given the option to install UltraCompare, a powerful application that allows you to do 3-way file comparison and merge, folder comparison and sync, binary/hex compare, more.

UltraCompare's powerful features
UltraCompare's powerful features for file/folder comparison and sync

I had both UltraEdit and UltraCompare running at the same time and I didn't notice a major shift in my system's performance. UltraCompare offers a number of useful features including the ability to perform file comparisons for Excel, CSV, PDF, .zip, .rar, .jar, and more.

Some other features of UltraEdit that caught my attention include:

  • Powerful code auto-completion that appears automatically as you type, or, if you prefer, via a keyboard shortcut
  • Multi-caret editing and column mode for text selection
  • A fully-customizable UI that lets you opt for a simpler look with only the most-commonly used options; or use Ribbon mode for a quick way to access just about any command
As with many editors, you can access advanced configuration settings to customize the full application to your own needs, along with the option to back up and/or restore your personal customizations.
UltraEdit's configuration options
UltraEdit's configuration options

I often have to access my primary website server via SSH, and I usually do this via a program like PuTTY, a well-known terminal tool. Since UltraEdit comes with an integrated SSH/telnet client, I wouldn't have to have an external way to access my server, so this is tremendously useful.

You can access the SSH client via the File menu, then choose "FTP/telnet". From there you can open the SSH/telnet console or manage your SSH/telnet connections.

Managing SSH/telnet connections in UltraEdit
Managing SSH/telnet connections in UltraEdit

Once you've entered details on your connections, you can connect and the SSH console will open just above the regular text editor pane. From here you can run whatever commands you like, just as you would in a program like PuTTY.

Overall, this is a nice piece of software that I know you'll be impressed with. You can download a 30-day fully-functional trial of UltraEdit and if you buy it, you get UltraCompare free. You can also include UltraEdit as part of a full suite that includes other useful applications for software developers.

So if you're looking for a new tool to consider as your primary text editor, you should try out UltraEdit, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Now on to this week's tools!

JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

React library to safely render HTML, filter attributes, autowrap text with matchers, render emoji characters, and much more.

An open-source, community-built service for managing multi-channel notifications with a single API.

A lightweight, comprehensive, reactive framework for business logic that supports reactive programming beyond the DOM and user interface.

A web framework for React that leans hard into your browser's native features like ES Modules, Import Maps, and Web Streams, while also supporting JSX and TypeScript.

From AWS, a library that allows code in any language to naturally interact with JavaScript classes. It's the same technology that enables the AWS Cloud Development Kit to deliver polyglot libraries from a single code base.

A new kind of web framework that uses less than 1kb of JavaScript that can deliver instant loading web applications at any size or complexity.

Page builder to build landing pages visually in your React or Next.js projects, built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and Grapes.js, with zero-config deployment to Vercel.

A library of data structures for building collaborative applications in JavaScript.

The easiest way to use Django and React together. The full power of Django, rendered by React server-side.

On the Release Radar:

Git, GitHub, and CLI Tools

Find, Visualize and Apply the Hidden Gems in Your Spam Inbox
Checkmate is the first tool ever built to sort, visualize and apply the deals from your spam inbox while you shop, finding hidden gems and saving early users an average of $40 per checkout. It’s completely free! Try Checkmate today!  sponsored 

A command line app to easily create reusable functions in your own shell. Like an interactive way to combine multiple commands from your shell history in a single command.

CLI tool to clean up your unused GitHub repos within seconds.

A blazingly-fast, Rust-based terminal for Mac, re-imagined from the ground up to work like a modern app.

React-based components to create a beautiful landing page for your GitHub projects.

A GitHub CLI extension to display a dashboard with pull requests and issues by filters you care about.

A tool to generate your GitHub activity as artwork. You can generate up to 6 years of contribution maps for any username before printing.

Shell tool to to make SSH more convenient by allowing you to check if a host is reachable using ssh_config.

Git X-Modules
Free while in Beta. A better way to manage modular Git projects. Enable the Git X-Modules app on your Git server and sync your repository directories with external repositories.

A simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management system (i.e. Git alternative) with a number of advanced features for project management (wiki, bug tracking, chat, email alerts, etc).

CLI tool like awk, sed, cut, join, and sort for name-indexed data such as CSV, TSV, and tabular JSON.

VS Code extension that lets you visit or copy the current file's online URL, with support for GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, and more.

On the Release Radar:
  • fx – Command-line JSON processing tool at version 20+
  • zx – Bash alternative now at version 6+
  • Commander.js – Node.js tool to build CLI app at version 9+
  • Chalk – Terminal string styling now at version 5+
  • oclif – Node.js CLI framework now at version 2+

React Tools

Find, Visualize and Apply the Hidden Gems in Your Spam Inbox
Checkmate is the first tool ever built to sort, visualize and apply the deals from your spam inbox while you shop, finding hidden gems and saving early users an average of $40 per checkout. It’s completely free! Try Checkmate today!  sponsored 

A React hook for managing cookies with no dependencies.

A collection of hooks to measure things in React.

A React component that lets the user zoom and drag on any DOM element using multi-touch gestures on mobile and mouse-events or wheel on desktop.

A fun little component that adds the ability to give users on a page "rewards" by means of confetti or emoji balloons.

React Custom Roulette
A customizable React roulette wheel with spinning animation.

A highly customizable, easy-to-use autocomplete search component for React.

Develop, test and document your React story components faster, powered by Vite.

React Sticky Box
Sticky box components with sensible behaviour if the content is bigger than the viewport.

Calendly integration for React apps to add an inline widget, popup, custom button, and more.

React component for an HTML select drop-down with lots of features for a custom select.

React Scrollama
A lightweight and simple interface for scroll-based storytelling in React that uses IntersectionObserver in favor of scroll events

React Stripe.js
React components for Stripe.js, the Stripe-based UI component library.

A neat uni-directional app state management for React and Solid.

Commercial Apps and Classifieds

Polotno – JS library and React components to make canvas editors in apps.

Tech Productivity - A newsletter featuring productivity apps and articles. ad 

Codegiant – Full-featured software delivery platform for teams.

Notus – A premium Tailwind CSS design system and admin template. ad 

YepCode – All-in-one platform that connects your services and APIs.

Archbee – Quickly build product docs, developer guides, and API references.

PropelAuth – All-in-one authentication for business-to-business startups.

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