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Issue #381  (Promises, React, Git/CLI, Media)11/05/20

Cubbit for Teams
Cubbit for Teams is the first cloud storage for businesses not running on data centers but on a distributed network with thousands of hosts. Mmm... cool... so what? So it's safer, greener, zero-knowledge encrypted & privacy-focused. Find out how 👇
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If you've wanted to delve into JavaScript Promises, but maybe haven't gone in as deep as you'd like, you'll want to check out Nicholas Zakas' new series on this subject.

As he explains, the purpose of this is not necessarily to create code that you would actually reuse, but instead to recreate the Promises functionality in order to better understand it in general.

Here are the posts from the series so far:

 As he mentions in the final article's conclusion, he hopes to add more to the series. You can subscribe to his newsletter (see above his page footer) to get notified of new releases. He's well worth a subscribe regardless of the series, as Nicholas is one of my favorite JavaScript authors.

Now on to this week's tools!

React Tools

Cubbit for Teams
Cubbit for Teams is the first cloud storage for businesses not running on data centers but on a distributed network with thousands of hosts. Mmm... cool... so what? So it's safer, greener, zero-knowledge encrypted & privacy-focused. sponsored 

A library of React components for building chat UIs, with features like auto scroll to bottom and multiple user grouping.

A React component for displaying and entering data similar to a spreadsheet. Fully customizable, extensible, and mobile friendly.

A pure extendable React carousel with a straightforward API and a number of plugins.

A file browser for React written in TypeScript, with custom file actions and no back-end assumptions.


Synced scroll position across multiple scrollable elements.

A small, fast and scalable bare-bones state-management solution that has a nice API based on hooks, isn't boilerplate-y or opinionated, but still just enough to be explicit and flux-like.

A customizable, responsive, and accessible React pop-out or drop-down menu library. Lots of nice demos to try out.

Modern timeline component for React with three different modes (horizontal, vertical, and vertical-alternating).

A super small and easy-to-use internationalization provider for React apps that supports Typescript and has no dependencies.

React Countdown
A customizable countdown component for React (e.g. to count down to a product launch or event).

Primitive, flexible state management for React. No extra re-renders, state resides within React, you get full benefits from Suspense and Concurrent mode.

Git, GitHub, and CLI Tools

Learn Gatsby, React.js, and friends - $97
A brand new course from Wes Bos that includes 52 HD videos to learn to build and style websites with Gatsby, the popular React-based framework and toolset.   promoted

Now at version 3+. GitHub notifications on your menu bar, available on macOS, Windows, Linux.

Git commit message linter written in Python (for Linux and Mac, experimental on Windows) that checks your commit messages for style.

GitHub Socialify
Enter a GitHub repo and this tool will generate a 'social image' you can use to promote the repo, with options for light/dark, fonts, background, and option to add labels for stars, issues, forks, etc. Here's an example.

A CLI tool to help with managing different projects, with some simplified commands for common tasks.

An open source GitLab CLI tool written in Go to help you work seamlessly with GitLab from the command line.


A command line utility written in POSIX sh that allows you to create a temporary email address and receive emails to the temporary email address.

Changelog CI
A GitHub Action that generates a changelog that's prepended to your CHANGELOG.md file and committed and/or commented on the release's Pull request.

Community to find a team or team members for open-source development.

GitHub app that keeps track of bug-prone files from commit history.

Old project. Like npm, but faster – an alternative package manager for Node.

Media Tools (SVG, Video, etc.)

Convert SVG to PNG
Quick way to convert an SVG or JPEG file to PNG, or SVG to JPEG or PDF.

Mac or Windows app that takes the hassle out of manually creating animated SVG icons. Customize from 72 free icons or 400+ for a paid plan.

Apache ECharts
A powerful, interactive charting and data visualization library for the browser.

React component that allows the user to load, crop, and preview an avatar. Try the live example.

Device Shots
Create device mockups in seconds. Get high-resolution device mockups with the screenshot of your website or mobile app, for free.
Device Shots

Radix Icons
A crisp set of 15×15 icons in Figma, SVG, Sketch, or IconJar format and available as individual React components.

Noun Project Stock Photos
The Noun Project, previously known for their icon set, now has a section for stock photos with a focus on diversity.

A JavaScript library for music/audio signal analysis and processing for both real-time and offline use-cases.

API Service that uses real Chrome browsers to capture pixel-perfect screenshots. Blazingly fast, ready to scale, and hosted on Google Cloud.

Add a couple of lines of HTML to add a live hit counter to a page that's customizable.

138 customizable, handmade illustrations with easily changeable colors and different styles. The first 20 are free.

A Tweet for Thought

Preethi Kasireddy asked her followers about useful online courses, much of which are outside the scope of programming/dev, but you still might want to check out.

A Tweet for Thought

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Before I Go...

I just came across John Washam's Coding Interview University, an older and super-popular GitHub repo that will "prepare you well for a technical interview at just about any software company, including the giants."

Thanks to all for subscribing and reading!

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