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Issue #336  (Top Tools of 2019 (Part 1))12/26/19

This is the final issue of 2019 and, as I do every year, I've rounded up the 30 most-clicked tools of the past 12 months. This year I took the newsletter's open numbers into consideration for what I considered "most clicked", so the overall list is based on clicks divided by opens for that issue, which I think gives a better overall look at how popular something was.

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Now on to the top clicked tools of 2019!

Most Clicked Tools of 2019 (#30 – #21)

The macOS window manager for JavaScript hackers.

2000+ customizable, animated icons and illustrations exportable to React, SVG, and Lottie.

A bare-bones CSS reset for modern web development.

A simple pure vanilla JavaScript auto-complete library that's progressively designed for speed, high versatility and seamless integration with a wide range of projects and systems.

Free collection of beautiful patterns in multiple formats (Sketch, Figma, XD, Illustrator, PNG, and SVG).

Professional UI Kits and admin dashboard templates to quickly develop good looking modern applications.

A little HTML and CSS boilerplate to take the pain away from working with forms.

Free and simple HTML landing page template for startups.

Convert HTML to PDF for seamless documents you can print, download, and archive.

A minimal and fast library for functional user interfaces.

Most Clicked Tools of 2019 (#20 – #11)

VScode extension that adds a CSS properties sidebar to your code editor.

Design System Playground
Play with typography and colors to generate a design system theme you can use in your projects.

Responsive design testing tool. Enter a URL and you'll get screenshots of your site on various devices including 11 desktops, 8 mobile, and 2 iPads. You can also add a custom device of your own.

Minimal Stylesheet
A minimal stylesheet in less than 1k of CSS, to get a web app up and running.

Add a dark mode / night-mode to your website in a few seconds. Uses the CSS mix-blend-mode property to create a dark mode on/off switch.

Free HTML Website templates and HTML UI Kits to kickstart your next project.

A strong, independent CSS Framework. Only 2.7KB minified and gzipped.

Old Terminal
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript template with a retro terminal UI look.

A Beyoncé-inspired theme for Bash-It, VSCode, iTerm, Slack, and Alfred.

Visual Studio Online
Cloud-powered dev environments accessible from anywhere.

Most Clicked Tools of 2019 (#10 – #1)

A UI Kit for building responsive admin dashboard web apps.

Animated Burgers
A library of animated hamburger menus for responsive designs, available as HTML/CSS or as React components.

A small set of helper functions to help do almost-library-free JavaScript.

Kind of a silly project that allows you to present an image wrapped in an ASCII art laptop. Might be good for memes in slides and presentations.

UI Interactions
Open source click-and-copy user interface interactions. Includes animated hamburger menus, loading indicators, toggles, and more.

Futuristic, cyberpunk-inspired UI shaping for any element.

A collection of free, beautiful, SVG isometric illustrations that you can use in your website or app.

A JavaScript library that makes your face look at the mouse pointer. Ideal for resumes or team sites.

Beautifully simple click-to-copy CSS effects. A carefully crafted collection designed with a focus on fluidity, simplicity, and ease of use.

This was the #1 clicked tool of the year! A just-add-CSS collection of styles to make simple websites just a little bit nicer.

A Tweet for Thought

The most clicked Tweet of 2019 was this one by David Buchanan where he embeds a picture that's literally worth (more than) a thousand words.

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Before I Go...

I've recently set up a YouTube channel for Web Tools Weekly. Nothing there yet, but I plan to start posting code- and tools-related videos there in the new year. I hope everyone has a safe and healthy end of year, and I'll see you all in 2020!

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