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Issue #322  (SpamCop, CSS/HTML, React Tools, Jamstack)09/19/19

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If you have an email address that you find is inundated with spam, you might want to check out SpamCop. This service has been around forever. According to the Wayback Machine, the earliest cached version of their website is from April 22, 1999, and the site says they were established in 1998!

Although it requires a little bit of time and effort to do the spam reports, I do find it helps, especially if I'm getting the same spam emails over and over. Invariably, after reporting, they will stop. New ones will eventually start again, but this does seem to lessen the load.

SpamCop has an online tool to submit an individual spam email's header info, but the easiest way to use the service is to select a number of different spam emails in your email client and choose "forward as Attachments".

Forwarding emails to SpamCop
Forwarding emails to SpamCop

You can then send the attachments to an email address shown under the "Report Spam" tab on SpamCop's website (you have to be logged in for this).

Web mail services like Gmail do a pretty good job of filtering out spam. But if you still feel your inbox is getting more junk than you'd prefer, you might want to give SpamCop a try.

Now on to this week's tools!

CSS and HTML Tools

Your Front-end Job Search on Autopilot
Looking for a new front-end or full stack engineering job? Every month get free, highly curated job recommendations from a team of former Google engineers that speak your language and understand what you're looking for.    sponsored via Paved

Online form builder and form creator. Type styled text, upload pictures, embed video, and brand your form with media, colors and fonts.

HTML Minifier
Now at version 4+ (details). A highly configurable, well-tested, JavaScript-based HTML minifier.

HTML to Figma
Plugin to import HTML from a URL into Figma layers.

React Spinners CSS Loaders
A collection of React spinner components built with pure CSS.

Gradient Generator
Online tool that generates a stepped gradient between two colors. Includes a color picker or predefined swatches to customize the gradients.

Themeable, statically extracted CSS‑in‑JS with near‑zero runtime.

A11y Stats
A set of accessible text-on-background color combinations. Mix and match these colors to create a variety of accessible themes.

Styled Typography
A small set of components using styled-components, to better manage typographic styles within your app.

MySigMail Card
Drag-and-drop email template builder. Create professional looking email templates without coding or design skills.

Powerful and easy form back end for your website. Quickly configure a form endpoint and receive submissions via email, Slack, or Telegram.

Now at version 5+ (details). A unit-testing tool for Sass – initially developed for the Susy toolkit. All test code is written in pure Sass, and can be compiled by any Sass compiler.

React Tools

Learn React Hooks
A course developers who want a linear, hands on approach to learning React Hooks. Learn each Hook individually followed by a practical, real-world problem set, and take an existing React app and refactor it to use Hooks. promoted 

Redux Persist
Persist and rehydrate a Redux store.

React Spaces
React components that allow you to divide a page or container into nestable anchored, scrollable and resizable spaces.

React Gradient Progress
Simple light circular progress bars with gradients for React.

React Static
Now at version 7+. A fast, lightweight, and flexible progressive static site generator for React. Resembles the simplicity and developer experience of Create React App.

A day/week/month calendar component for React.

React Data Table Component
A simple, sortable, and flexible table library for React.

Give end users the ability to print out the contents of a React component. Pops up a new print window with CSS styles copied over.

A minimal, easy-to-use and highly adjustable dropdown component made with React.

Pluggable components to add a Trello-like kanban board to your application.

React components for Stripe.js and Stripe Elements.

React Page Visibility
Declarative, nested, stateful, isomorphic page visibility React component (i.e. lets you control what to do when the page/tab isn't focused, to save resources).

Enhanced textarea for autocomplete functionality, like in GitHub comments (e.g. for emojis and @mentions).

Static Sites, CMS's, Site Builders, etc.

Tech Productivity Newsletter
Looking for productivity tools? I've moved most of them to my new brief weekly newsletter on productivity in tech.  promoted

San Blas
A flexible, component-first static site generator. Use modern tools to build fast, mostly-just-HTML websites with islands of rich client-side behaviour.

A clean and minimalist theme for Jekyll.

Website builder that lets you create a smart website in seconds for free.

A free editing tool to write your landing page copy.

WP Reset
WordPress development tool for non-devs. Speed up plugin and theme testing, debugging, and coding by controlling, resetting, and restoring the WordPress environment in one click.

Bear CMS
A content management system as a service that seamlessly integrates with your website.

Linx Software
Rapidly connect data and systems, build APIs, automate business applications and backend processes without managing servers or writing a single line of code.

Native MacOS or Windows app to turn any website into an API.

A Gatsby theme with minimal styling and maximum features (see demo) — including multiple homepage layouts, built-in social sharing, and dark mode.

Widget Maker
A new way to develop Flutter apps (Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop).

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