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Issue #298  (E-Books Discount, CSS Tools, Git/CLI, JS Utils)

For a limited time, my JavaScript/DOM e-books bundle is available at a discounted price over at MightyDeals. Over the last couple of weeks, I've fully updated all the tips in the e-books with the following:

  • Moved almost all demos to CodePen
  • Improved many of the demos and explanations
  • Updated or removed irrelevant or out of date browser support info
  • Fixed some typos and other errors
  • Converted most of the code samples and demos to use ES6 syntax (let/const, for...of, template literals, etc.)
So you'll get all three books for just $9 USD, which is 50% off the Leanpub price and 40% off the price I usually offer via this newsletter.

If you've purchased any of the books in the past, and you'd like to get the updated version, feel free to reply to this email, tell me what PayPal email address you used to make the purchase and I'll send you the updated version, no charge!

Thank you to all who have purchased books in the past! It's helped to keep this newsletter running and make it worth my while.

Now on to this week's tools!

CSS and HTML Tools

Chrome extension. A live CSS editor for Chrome. Generate your own user stylesheets and sync your styles across computers wherever you are signed into Chrome.

A simple, thorough and fast unused-CSS cleaner.

Experimental web component that makes rendering interactive 3D models (optionally in AR) easy to do, on as many browsers and devices as possible.

A library of atomic CSS classes (utilities that apply a single reusable rule or a single piece of functionality).

Online color tool for exploring and finding accessible colors in line with WCAG standards.

Easy to use event-driven CSS variables.

Now at version 3+. Cross-browser styles for consistent select element styling.

Automatic UI color palette generator. Provide a single color value and the tool returns a full-spectrum color palette.

A tool set for parsing CSS including a fast detailed parser, walker, generator and lexer based on W3C specs and browser implementations.

PostCSS Initial
PostCSS plugin as a fallback for browsers that don't support the `initial` value for CSS properties.

Git, GitHub, and CLI Tools

Command line tool to compile *.ejs template files to TypeScript or JavaScript modules.

Generates a bar chart of your most frequently used shell commands, according to your shell's history file.

Aggregates historical git data into easy to understand insights and reports, to help make engineering teams more successful.

Git History
Quickly browse the history of files in any Git repo. Just change "github.com" in the URL with "github.githistory.xyz". Works really well!

Sublime Merge
Git client from the makers of Sublime Text that provides a snappy UI, three-way merge tool, side-by-side diffs, syntax highlighting, and more.

Like "ls", but for images. Shows thumbnails in terminal using sixel graphics (a bitmap graphics format supported by terminals and printers).

A GitHub bot that helps limit the number of pull requests that are open, to promote closing completed tickets and tickets in review.

Simple, fast and useful replacement for the default bash prompt.

Upload files from command line to easily share between servers, desktops, and mobiles, 25gb max. Files are stored for 7 days and can be downloaded unlimited amount of times.

A popular terminal multiplexer, allowing multiple terminal sessions to be accessed simultaneously in a single window.

Recommended Reading for Developers
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Have you written a book for developers that's available on Amazon? Reply to this email and let me know. I'll consider including it here. No charge.

JavaScript Utilities and Modules

Lightweight replacement for React + MobX + React Router. Allows you to create quick and responsive interfaces using only JavaScript or TypeScript.

A collection of essential TypeScript types many of which "should have been built in".

Asynchronous forEach
A Symbol based Array.prototype extension that enables asynchronous declarative iteration on arrays and array-like objects.

Simple and lightweight (3kb minified & zipped) vanilla JavaScript plugin to create smooth and beautiful animations when you scroll.

A window.open JavaScript wrapper that lets you do new window scripting with a JSON-like API.

A library for creating byte level data structures, with a declarative API that's simple to use.

A simple, ~3kb language-agnostic syntax highlighter and tokenizer with the ability to override styles via CSS.

A standalone library that provides live as-you-type formatting for international numbers and currencies.

Useful date and time utility functions for working with timetables (such as flight or train schedules).

Utility to produce an animated typewriter effect with simple and flexible configuration options.

Utility to let you trigger an action on a target element when a key or sequence of keys is pressed on the keyboard.

A Tweet for Thought

Micah Godbolt explains why devs use CSS-in-JS solutions.

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