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Issue #285  (Top Tools of 2018)01/03/19

This issue features the top 30 tools of 2018 based on clicks in this newsletter (as tracked via MailChimp). This doesn't mean these were the "best" or "most popular" tools, they're just the ones that you readers were most curious about. I'd say the majority are good, practical tools.

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Now on to the top tools of 2018 (starting from #30)!

Many of my previous JavaScript/DOM tips have been released in e-books (EPUB, PDF, MOBI):

JS & DOM Tips Volume 1 >
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Top Tools of 2018 (#30—#21)

Orion Icon Library
Online icon tool plus thousands of really nice looking free SVG icons.

The less formal CSS framework. Elements have a hand-drawn comic strip feel.

Hooks Data
Real world data in real-time API. Get updates about thousands of topics in a single API.

The ultimate collection of beautiful, realistic PSD mockups to showcase your work. Most are available for free.

Cool Backgrounds
A collection of tools to create compelling, colorful images (PNG format) for blogs, social media, and websites.

A refreshing language for the front-end web. A programming language that compiles to JavaScript.

Work anywhere without worrying about your data. All your work, files, and messages—encrypted, shareable, and decentralized.

Front End Toolkit
A set of best practices from Devbridge Group, to start a project quickly without any JavaScript library dependency.

A free, responsive, ready-to-use website UI kit built with Bootstrap 4.

Let's Enhance
Image upscaling supercharged. Remove JPEG artifacts, upscale 4X, preserve quality. One-click and free.

Recommended Courses by Wes Bos:
Fullstack Advanced React & GraphQL   ES6 for Everyone

Top Tools of 2018 (#20— #11)

A tool for planning creative projects. See your ideas, notes, and research side by side.

A user friendly, secure, and serverless JavaScript CMS.

Helps you visualize, monitor, and manage your web project using community-driven plugins.

Easily get fonts that you'll never see anywhere else.

Super Tiny Social Icons
Miniscule (under 1kb) SVG versions of your favourite website and app logos.

Team wiki, documentation, meeting notes, playbooks, onboarding, work logs, brainstorming, and more.

Enables CSS-powered animated page transitions. Define how your page looks in the transition state, and swup takes care of the rest.

Transform your LinkedIn into a spectacular resume. Gives you the tools you need to design a resume, create an online portfolio, and find a job.

What is my day rate?
Enter your desired gross annual salary and this tool will tell you how much you should make per day and how much to charge per hour.

Meta Tags
Online tool to debug and generate meta tags for your website. Edit and experiment with your content then preview how your web page will look on Google, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Recommended Reading for Developers
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Top 10 Tools of 2018  (#10—#1)

Create and share beautiful images of your source code. Start typing or drop a file into the textarea to get started.

Rhythm App
A simple daily notebook, calendar, and task list.

All My Desktops
Remote Desktop from any browser. No need to install plugins or client software to connect. All your computers are always one click away from any browser.

An extremely opinionated and highly personalized script to set up a new Mac machine, just the way this developer likes it.

Mustard UI
Not your average CSS Framework. A starter CSS framework that actually looks good.

App for creating a timeline of a project as it progresses. By easily logging the past, present, and future, it keeps everyone on the same page and gives you clarity to do your best work.

A tiny JavaScript library to add CSS animations to delight users as they scroll down.

WickedCSS Animations
CSS animation library that includes some simple examples along with a number of "wicked" animations that aren't applicable in all situations.

CSS animation library for the strong of heart and weak of mind.

A CSS animation library for eccentrics. This was the most-clicked tool of 2018.

A Tweet for Thought

The most-clicked tweet from this part of the newsletter over the past year was this Tweet making fun of old Internet Explorer.

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Before I Go...

And finally, the most-clicked "Before I Go..." link of 2018 was, appropriately, Websites in 2018. Hopefully 2019 is better in the areas addressed in this mock project!

Thanks to all for subscribing and reading!

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