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Issue #205  (MLB Data, JS Utils, Text Editors, Productivity)06/22/17

I think it's great when professional sports leagues allow access to their data in public repositories. I'm a huge baseball fan, and for some time now I've wanted to do something with MLB's data, which they make available at this location.

Many developers have built stuff that uses MLB's data, keeping in mind that, according to the repository's copyright notice, only "individual, non-commercial, non-bulk use of the Materials is permitted."

A couple of examples where this data has been put to use in apps and websites:

Let me know if you know of any other sites, services, or apps that tap into MLB's data or the data of another professional sports league. Would love to take a look!

Now if only I had the time or motivation to build a baseball-based app of my own. :(

Now on to this week's tools!
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JavaScript Modules and Utilities

An on-going personal project by Leonardo Favre, a place to keep generic, multi-purpose JavaScript functions.

A smooth 3D tilt JavaScript library. This is the vanilla JavaScript version of the same plugin for jQuery.

Plugin to allow the user to get a glance at a whole web page with an aerial view.

A simple set of utility functions for colours.

Extremely efficient compression of contiguous arrays of primitives to strings. Useful if you need to store as string in a DB.

A lightweight full-text search engine in JavaScript for browser search and offline search.

Now at version 2.0. A JavaScript string manipulation library.

A dead simple JavaScript library providing typical random-related functions such as choice, sample, etc.

Extremely lightweight JavaScript carousel micro library.

Tiny JavaScript plugin for highlighting and replacing text in the DOM.

A form collector powered by lodash that supports any front-end framework.

Text Editors and Code Playgrounds

Better Less
Cross-compatible syntax highlighting for Less.js.

React Live
A production-focused playground for live editing React code.

A WYSIWYG tool that helps web designers and developers chose the optimal vertical rhythm of the typography for their web pages.

Chrome extension. Turn your browser into a visual web development tool.

snippet generator
Snippet generator for Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and Atom.

Altair GraphQL Client
A GraphQL client for making GraphQL queries to a GraphQL server. Also available as a Chrome extension and Mac app.

Simple, bright, and elegant theme for Sublime Text 2 and 3.

Vim plugin that provides mappings to easily delete, change, and add "surroundings" (e.g. parentheses, brackets, quotes, XML tags, and more).

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Productivity Tools

Free time tracking software with upgrade to more advanced paid plans.

Firefox Screenshots
Firefox extension to add an easy-to-use screenshot tool to Firefox.

Kill the Newsletter!
How dare they! But seriously, this service allows you to convert email newsletters into Atom feeds.

Secrets for Mac
Easily and securely store passwords, credit card numbers, bank details, and confidential information with Secrets. Available for Mac and iOS.

Your smart search assistant across email, files, and personal cloud.

So true: Dropping in on a Slack channel is like listening to conference calls backwards. SOTU gives you a bird's-eye view of all of your team’s channels.

An iOS app used in the interview process to help create conversational topics between the applicant and interviewer.

A Tweet for Thought

Advice from Matt Stow: Think about the problem.

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