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Issue #200  (Learning Tools)05/18/17

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Seeing as this is a learning tools issue (which I do every once in a while), I thought I'd introduce a free online resource to help you get up to speed with React, the popular JavaScript library from Facebook.

The resource is called React Enlightenment by Cody Lindley, and it's available free online and as a downloadable e-book in the standard formats. Cody's written a number of different "enlightenment" guides, which are linked from the React Enlightenment home page, so you might already be familiar with some of his previous work.

The book probably isn't the greatest resource for absolute beginners or novice programmers, because it's quite meaty and assumes a lot of existing JavaScript knowledge. But from what I've seen, it's a great technical guide with a lot of practical examples.

Now on to this week's tools!

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Courses and Video Series

React Fundamentals
Start from a blank folder and learn to build an application that encompasses everything you need to get started building production ready applications with React.

JavaScript Basics
A complete JavaScript course on YouTube from freeCodeCamp.

Modern DevTools
An in-depth video course to understand front-end performance & modern web dev workflows.

Mastering Responsive Typography
Everything you need to know to make web typography great in one short course.

A video training course to cure you of any fear of the terminal. For designers, new developers, UX, UI, product owners and anyone who's been asked to "just open the terminal".

Angular Fundamentals
Every lesson is broken down into approachable, step-by-step exercises that demonstrate the core concepts of Angular and how to apply them.

Node University
The first and only online school with a focus on full stack JavaScript.

JavaScript 30
30 day vanilla JavaScript coding challenge. Build 30 things in 30 days with 30 tutorials.

React Native Express
Learn React Native with interactive examples.

CSS Animations and Transitions
Master CSS Animations and Transitions the fun and easy way.


The Complete Redux Book
Everything you need to build real projects with Redux.

Jump Start Responsive Web Design (2nd Edition)
Aims to get you started understanding, and using responsive design techniques in HTML and CSS to create cross-platform layouts.

Exploring ES2016 and ES2017
Covers all the new features in the newest versions of the ECMAScript specifications.

Mastering Modern CSS Layouts
Kindle, EPUB, and PDF book covering grids, flexbox, and responsive design.

Time Is Money
If you want to convince your organization to conduct a web performance upgrade, this concise book aims to strengthen your case.

Interactive Learning Tools

Grid Garden
A game for learning the features of the W3C's new Grid Layout Module.

A module to teach you how to module.

Mini JavaScript challenges.

CMD Challenge
Learn to use the command line with these interactive exercises.

JavaScript Guessing Game
This is fairly useless, but somewhat addictive. Basically, you have to guess what app, tool, library, etc. the logo belongs to until you solve all 235 without getting one wrong. Somehow I did it.

Adventures with the Notifications API.

return true to win
Solve each JavaScript challenge by getting each one to return true.

The JavaScript Warrior
JavaScript game that uses code to control your character instead of a joystick or game console.

Flexbox Defense
Stop the incoming enemies from getting past your defenses using CSS flexbox features to position your towers.

A Tweet for Thought

Andreas Grabner, quoted from a conference talk, with an interesting bit of data on what users like in an app.

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Before I Go...

Speaking of learning tools, check out scrimba and Educative.io, two relatively new platforms for creating interactive learning videos/courses.

Thanks to all for subscribing and reading!

Keep tooling,